Tijn Eyewear - Lookbook photoshoot


Small photoshoot we did for Tijn Eyewear with the talented model Chiara Versluys.

Model: Chiara Versluys
Make-up artist: Kanya Hanak
Videographer: Esosa Cheryl
Locatie: Genk and Jette

About Tijn Eyewear

Inspired by the cultural diversity when their early associate was studying modern art in Amsterdam, they believe that our life in this world is inconstant and unpredictable, however changeable.

What we’re doing is to draw inspiration from every detail of live, bring the sensation of art and literature into life, so we can feel the artistic value getting closer. Furthermore, they believe that every single person is worth a perfect life, that is exactly what they’re attempting to achieve - making our life magnificent as literature and splendid as art.

They expect you will sense these things from the combination of our creative design, high quality materials and the excellent craftsmanships.