It's time for a fresh start


Hey thanks for visiting my blog again! My sister Esosa, who is a videographer, and I have been wanting to shoot with two models for a while now so we planned a shoot this week. I've also been thinking more about my photography journey, learning new things, planning for the future and this shoot felt like the first step in a new direction. 

The Models

Rabia and Kanya were our models for the shoot. Kanya is also a great make-up artist and did the make-up for this shoot. You can check out a behind-the-scene video (made by Esosa) of the make-up session here on her Youtube channel.

The Location

We wanted to shoot in grassy fields so we went to Terril Waterschei, which is a walking park/forest near my home.

The Shoot

We shot the models together and separately as well. We had ordered a couple of cute white dresses from Zalando for the models and changed outfits throughout the shoot. It was fun shooting two models, but a bit challenging to make sure both models look great in the shot (and making sure they're both in focus when using a wide aperture lol). In post, I editing the set of photos for each model and the set of them together a bit differently by using color grading and the dodge and burn technique.

My Gear

Canon Eos 6D
50mm 1.4
Lightroom + Photoshop for editing

Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos!

xo Whitley