And so the adventure begins


Even though I mostly share portraits on my social media, I shoot couples as well which I will share on this blog from now on. I had the honor to capture the start of a new life adventure between a newlywed couple at our local fun fair!

The Couple

The lovely newlywed couple are Muhabbet and Ugur! They got officially married that day and wanted to wrap up the day with a shoot.

The Location

They ask to do the shoot around dusk at our local fun fair which I was so excited about! I've done shoots at fun fairs before but never with a couple and it was so much capturing the authentic fun the couple was having. 

The Shoot

The fun fair is located on a long street of about 2 km so we started at the beginning and just walked along and shot at cute settings, like inside the arcade, and with cotton candy.. I did the shoot with my sister, a videographer, who made the couple a lovely video! Check it out here.

My Gear

Canon Eos 6D
50mm 1.4
Lightroom + Photoshop for editing

Thanks for reading, enjoy the photos and I wish this lovely couple a lifetime of love! 

xo Whitley