This is a not dream


Hi and welcome back to another blog post! I planned a shoot with one of my fave models yesterday. I ordered a couple of fun props during the week and they arrived just in time. It was an extremely sunny day but the vibe of the shoot was very dreamy.

The Model

I finally had the chance to work with one of my favorite models again, the amazing Rabia.  I've worked with her a lot of times before but it's been a couple of months since our last shoot, so I was excited we found time for another shoot. She's an amazing model and always down to work out the ideas I have. 

The Location

We shoot outside of Thor Park, an old mine site that's been renovated for small businesses and has a lovely nature park.

The Shoot

The props I got were a disco ball, a hand mirror and a lace cloth. We were lucky that the sun was shiny brightly. I covered the lace cloth over Rabia so it would create shadows on her face. I used my 50mm for these because this lens is softer than the 40mm I usually use The disco ball was a fun prop as well. I made Rabia keep it close to her face so it would cast its reflection on her face. The hand mirror though was a lot small than expected when I ordered it and we tried using it but weren't able to get any good shots.

My Gear

Canon Eos 6D
50mm 1.8 + 40mm 2.8
Lightroom + Photoshop for editing

Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos!

xo Whitley