Spring has sprung


Hello and welcome to my first blog post! I've been wanting to blog for a while now, even had a small (read: terrible) one on my old website, so here we are. With this blog I want to showcase more of my work, and also be able to look back on it to learn and grow as a photographer. I started shooting portraits at the end of April 2017 (but I've been into photography longer tho but never at the serious level that I am now) and since then I kinda never really planned my shoots out properly. I would contact a model or friend, pick a random location and just shoot Iol. That's changing lately and with this blog I can tell you more about the shoots I do and share more photos.

So with that being said, let me tell you all about my amazing shoot with Victoria. Hope you all enjoy it!

The Model

Victoria Bik.  I met the lovely, crazy, amazing Victoria a month ago. My sister, who does videography and with whom I frequently go on shoots with, reached out to her on Instagram for a shoot and we did one in Brussels. It was a fun but really short shoot so we let her know we'd plan a longer shoot for her. Which we did today. We send her photos of the location we were going to and let her pick out outfits that would match them because she has incredible style!

The Location

We went to Maasmechelen Village, an outdoor outlet shopping mall in Limburg, for the shoot. On their Instagram page I saw they had a couple of Spring-themed decorative setups for people to take photos at. I suggested to my sister and two friends who are photographers as well that we should plan a shoot there. One friend messaged them to ask if we were allowed to shoot at mall and they approved as long as it wasn't for commercial purposes. 

I choose 3 setups I wanted to shoot at; a green, floral swing, a mini patio with roses and a small glass house.

The Shoot

We started the shoot at the green, floral swing with a Victoria wearing a simple black and white outfit. Even though we were there early, there were still a lot of people so it took a while to make sure no one was in my frame but eventually I got the hang of it and got some great shots. Victoria is great at face-posing (lol idk if this is even a word but her face is always on point) and I took lots a portraits but also a couple of full body shots with the scenery.

After that we went to the mini patio with roses. Here we did an outfit switch to a simple blouse with a floral print. Since the roses were at the top of the setup, I felt like a floral bottom wouldn't be too much of a clash, like if she had worn it at the swing, but more of a balance. There was a lot more to work with at this location and I should've used my 50mm 1.8 as well, instead of just my 40mm 2.8 but I'm still thrilled with the results.

On our way to the last location we were stopped by security asking what we were doing and if we had permission to shoot there. Since our friend was the one who asked them, we had to call her and ask her to send it. We showed him the message and he called someone in the head office but they couldn't trace the person who gave the permission. After a long waiting period we eventually had to go to the head office where the operations manager basically asked us the same questions. Long story short, it wasn't a problem that we were shooting there and we were allowed to continue. Lost a bit of time because of this but hey we were just happy to go on with the shoot.

Because the last location, the glass house, was the one we wanted to shoot at the most. Victoria had a stunning flower outfit that fit the location perfectly. And if you've followed me for a while now on Instagram, you know how much I love taking window shots! So the glass house was just my ideal location! 

My Gear

Canon Eos 6D
40mm 2.8
Lightroom + Photoshop for editing


This was a lot longer than expected! Hope you enjoyed reading my ramblings and I can't wait to blog more. Enjoy the photos and feel free to share your thoughts :)

xo Whitley